Unpolitically Correct
Lets Do The Right Thing

As a life-long Democrat I’m hoping that my party will do the right thing and not just try and change everything that America stands for.  If they do, they will eventually mess it up to where it will get changed by the people.  Going against the people is not usually a good thing.  But to me, the power play in Washington is get help to the people that need the help.

I don’t believe in supporting bad management in the cities that have wasted a lot of money and given away money in pensions that were unnecessary to get the job done and implementing philosophies that don’t take care of the people.  I pray to God that they will change as a party through this process and learn to do the right thing because there’s 75 million people that disagreed with them getting in office.  Actually, it’s possibly more than that.  But the real question is:  How can we come together?

Whatever your opinions are about the events transpiring, always keep in mind this too shall pass.  So, if you are feeling down and depressed because you’re a conservative, just hang on.  The Democrats are notorious for doing the wrong thing long enough to where everybody gets fed up with them and tosses them out.  Whatever laws are passed can be unpassed.  For instance, they’re going to do away with a lot of the conservative laws and values in the next six to twelve months, but the next administration could reverse all that.  So, don’t lose hope.

In fact, my strategy would be to let the Democrats do what they’re going to do because they will more than likely screw it up.  If you fight them and try to keep them on track, it’s probably going to be a waste of time.  Just let them do what they’re going to do.  Hopefully it’s the right thing, but whatever is done, we’ll get it back into balance.

Politics is never in balance on a day-to-day basis.  It’s in balance on a decade-by-decade basis in some way or another.  That doesn’t mean that both parties don’t make a lot of mistakes, but it gives us something to look forward to knowing that things will change.  No matter what happens, things will change and generally for the better.

We may have a little bit of down time in the near future.  But if you want to do something, find some good new politicians to go to Washington DC, preferably not lawyers because they have done no good for us.  They don’t even support the Constitution for the most part because they don’t understand it.  They want to change it, and that is one thing that should never be changed.

I believe our Supreme Court isn’t conservative.  It only supports the Constitution.  And to put a Supreme Court in that changes the Constitution makes no sense to me whatsoever.  Let’s enjoy what we can at this time in the change of power and try and influence your people as much as you can to do the right thing.

Stop Talking And Do Something Positive