Unpolitically Correct

I love Dinesh D’Souza’s great new book “The United States of Socialism” which wrote before Trump got out of office. I just finished listening to this author-narrated book and Dinesh does an excellent job of communicating both his passion and his expertise. I would recommend it to anyone as a fascinating reading/listening experience regardless of their politics.

I wish he’d picked a different name for the book because a lot of people won’t read it because of the title, but the book itself really isn’t all about Socialism. It is a great review of our recent history of the last four or five years put in the context of a longer view of US history.

It always amazes me how so many people who come to this country from elsewhere in the world are really able to dive into our history, learning more than those of us who are multigenerational US citizens. It just amazes me how much Dinesh understands the smallest details of US history from Lincoln all the way through to today. And he does this while making his book a really fun read.

I’m a conservative Democrat, and I can tell you, I enjoyed listening to Dinesh. He isn’t critical of everything liberal and in love with everything conservative – he’s just describing what he sees, and yes he sees things from a center right point of view, but that doesn’t make his observations less interesting or – in my opinion – less accurate.

Give yourself a treat and read or better yet listen to this fascinating new book.