Unpolitically Correct
A Message to Attorney General Barr

Dear Attorney General Barr:

I truly believe most conservatives and most intelligent people think that the accusations against President Trump about obstruction of justice is basically a big joke.  No real crimes have been committed by the President, other than overreacting to something he knows he didn’t do.

I think you should ask Congress to put everything on hold for 90 days.

Have them wait for the full IG report.  Hopefully they don’t manipulate it based on politics and personal relationships.  We all know they want to protect themselves and their friends. Also, we would love to hear a summary of your investigation. As much as you can give us without jeopardizing the final results.

At the very least it should be put on hold until the investigations on the investigators are done.  Read our post “Complete the Investigation of the Investigators Now!” (click here).  There’s currently too much corruption internally and nothing private can be guaranteed to be protected.  There is such a huge risk of information being leaked.  It seems to me this may fall under the “fruit of the poisonous tree” theory. I don’t know it that rule would apply here, but maybe it should?

Many of us really do believe all of these investigations into the President have been a terrible hoax perpetrated by the far-left Democratic party as well as some US employed “bad actors” all to undermine his administration.  Those who have done this are the ones committing treason in my opinion.

I have never in my 71 years seen such a display of disrespect for our President, his administration, and the American people.  It truly is an insult to our intelligence.

And yet, our President continues to get things accomplished and better our country.

Mr. Barr, please get to the real truth and let the American people know.  We have faith in you and appreciate your strength and honor.

Respectfully a Conservative Democrat,

Patrick G. Lockhart