Unpolitically Correct
Again?  Mr. President?

Like I said in my last article, President Trump has got to focus in the next six weeks on what he is going to do.  All the news is doing is focusing on Judge Kavanaugh and all of the negative publicity.  I want to know what President Trump has planned for his upcoming presidential campaign.  I wish he would quit talking about how he won the election and start telling us his plan for the coming years.

Tell us why we should vote for your agenda again President Trump?  Tell us what your priorities are going to be.  Tell us if you are going to control the House and the Senate, what is your plan to do it?

Again, he needs to lay out his game plan and get everyone on board with these four objectives:

  1. TOTAL immigration reform plan. We need to embrace legalizing all illegal immigrants currently in the country.  Not just the Dreamers.  When I say legalize all illegal immigrants I mean legalizing those who have no serious criminal records other than being in the country illegally.  Keep it simple and easy.  Then build the wall and have all future immigrants enter our country legally and honorably.  Can you imagine if we were to put in a successful system to track all of this and the income we could generate? What that income could do for reducing our national debt?
  2. Health care improvement plan. We need to let the states take control of the health care plans and take the Federal government out of it. We should be able to purchase health care insurance over state lines.  And we need to lose the name Obamacare.  We need to continue to lower the premiums. Healthcare needs to be affordable for both the lower income AND middle-class income households.  It needs to be affordable for businesses to offer to their employees and help pay for those with little or no income.
  3. Better and equal pay for women and minorities.  We need to make much larger strides in providing equal pay for women and minorities.  What if we lowered the stock market to allow a wage increase of up to 10% across the board for all including women and minorities? A woman’s annual earnings compared to a White man’s is still grossly unfair.  Asian women make 87%, White women make 79%, Black women make 63% and Hispanic women make 54% of what a White male earns.  The President needs to address equality in pay for women and all minorities.
  4. Clean up the judicial system. We need to continue draining the swamp and hold our leaders accountable. Especially the FBI and the Justice Department.  They have been encapsulating the facts from the public far too long.  They need to open the doors and let the real facts out. End the corruption and collusion.

The Democrats have been defining the Republican party for far too long now.  The President needs to start meeting with the American people.  Not the politicians.  Let them ask questions and give them honest answers.  Let them get to know him.  After all, it is the American people who voted for him and why he won (which he does not need to constantly remind everyone of that).

I am a conservative Democrat and I am getting very close to joining the WalkAway movement.  But being a Democrat for over 50 years makes it hard to do.  I am beginning to think that everybody should walk away from the government and vote with their conscience not their party.