Unpolitically Correct
An Immigration Plan That Works For All Americans

Stop talking. Start doing.

Let’s take 100 illegal immigrants and 100 legal immigrants, along with the heads of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, into a meeting. Start at 9 a.m., and then come out of the meeting with a plan.

Prohibit the press from attending the meeting. This will build up such anticipation, and the release of the plan – advertised and marketed as something new and different – would be broadcast on every news outlet.

And then go ahead and start building the border wall the next day with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Afterward, we can begin to discuss the idea of sanctuary cities.

The government could announce that it will not deport immigrants who have not broken the law in these cities. In the meantime, the federal government could work through the system and begin carding all illegal immigrants. (That’s what they are – not “undocumented immigrants.”) Nobody is going to be put in jail or deported just because they have the rotten luck to get caught up in a sweep. If they do get caught up, the government should say they will be released.

But the federal government should make it clear that this proposal will go into effect only if cities abandon their sanctuary statuses. If not, then the feds have every right to find a way to penalize them. The federal government should go into these cities and arrest the bad actors, who are making things worse.

Sanctuary cities are isolationist; they are not cooperating with the federal government to help find a solution to the immigration problem. We need to make it clear to these cities that they need to do the right thing. We should encourage citizens of these cities to vote out of office any politician who supports the idea of a sanctuary city. Make these politicians worry about not being reelected. (None of these politicians have majority support from illegals or sympathizers. Polls show that.)

If we start making these politicians afraid that they might lose their jobs and not be reelected, then we might see some progress.

Let’s have a meeting of the minds. If this meeting is productive, the White House could announce the results and explain what they’re going to do. They’ll be tasked with selling the idea to the American people.

If the president makes a speech with 200 Mexicans standing behind him, cheering him on and excited about the plan that has been proposed, then we might finally make some headway on this problem.

Perhaps the speech might sound like this: “My fellow Americans, here’s what we’re going to do. Starting tomorrow, we’re going to register immigrants through the various state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs), and we’re going to allocate money to the states for the purposes of this program.”

Stop talking, and start doing.