Biden’s unintended Platform is bad for Liberals but good for conservative in the election, but bad for all us Americans now, unless your rich, but the conservatives have No platform.  We conservatives need to get organized , give us a 5 point platform. Show us you are uniting have get togethers, show the voting public that conservatives are united. I as a conservative democrat am disappointed in the Republican Party which I vote for a lot. There is no leadership, Trump can contribute greatly but he wont get the conservative Democratic vote for him or his constituent’s  he is supporting. We have been the tipping point in all elections for conservatives. We need new leadership in the Senate,  Congress and the RNC when’s the last time, you seen these people on talk shows.

I get 30-40 request from conservative for money a day, and I’m not giving because, I don’t know what they stand for, including Trump.; when we get a platform to fight this insanity platform of the left, I will start donating again.

Give us your ideas !