Unpolitically Correct
Do Away With Sanctuary Cities

I cannot believe the lack of intelligence or stupidity in our police community. To that there are more whistleblowers in the sanctuary cities is ludicrous.

If I was a victim of immigrant abuse I would be terrified of living in a sanctuary city. Why would I stand up and turn someone in when I know he’s just going to come back and come back a whole lot angrier.

Also, what’s all of this costing these cities? The time and money arresting people and then letting them go again, just to go out and repeat it. Wait? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

70% of the people in this country do not want sanctuary cities. Maybe we need to push a little harder the idea that we should be arresting people who are breaking the law. We need to do a complete immigration reform. Read, “The Unpolitically Correct Response to Total Immigration From Our Readers”. Everyone keeps making such a big deal out of this. But we probably could get it done in six months to two years if we could just work together. Build that wall. Read, “Border Barriers Are The International Norm”. Legalize everyone on this side of the wall who are considered illegal but haven’t broken other laws. Give them temporary green cards with no guarantee of citizenship. It’s not about whether another million immigrants come. It’s about whether another hundred million immigrants come in over the next ten years. That’s what people don’t understand. Our increase in population comes from immigration.

But let’s talk about non-sanctuary cities. You don’t have to worry about an increase in criminal activity in your city just because you are not a sanctuary. You know that if someone is doing something illegal they are more than likely to get caught and have to deal with the repercussions of their actions. I’d be far more likely to blow the whistle on someone because I would not have as big of a fear that they would come back and hurt me. People are afraid in the sanctuary cities. They’re not going to talk to the police and help them if the criminal is released and sent back to a sanctuary city.

We’ve all watched it all over the news how the one woman got arrested in front of her children for being an illegal immigrant. “Everyone” is so outraged at how they arrested her. They took her and put her in their vehicle. Isn’t that how anyone that gets arrested is arrested? Don’t they put you in the back seat of their car? What the news failed to mention was that the poor victimized woman who was arrested was prosecuted for human smuggling. So she is here in this country illegally (a crime) and is accused of human smuggling (another crime). What are they supposed to do? They are supposed to arrest her. That is their job.

They need to stop talking about tariffs and immigration and start showing the real hard numbers to the American people. The media needs to start reporting the truth and quit putting their spin on things just to suit their own agendas.

President Trump needs to deal with the people directly, help the immigrants, and bypass Congress and the Senate. They have been worthless and cannot get anything done. They can’t agree on a thing and they don’t represent the immigrants.

We need to get rid of these sanctuary cities. They are bad news. It makes me think of Guantanamo Bay and how it scared the heck out of the people who were incarcerated there. That is a terrorist’s worst fear, to be locked up rather than to die in battle.

We just need to stop harboring the bad actors by allowing them to refuge in a sanctuary city. We need to detain them, give them a fair trial within six months and be done.

What do you think?