Unpolitically Correct
Celebrating Women’s History Month

I think about all of the amazing women in history who have done so much to pave the way for everyone from making life-saving discoveries in science to fighting for human rights and, of course, all of the many incredible contributions in between. I know every one of us has known a woman during their lifetime that has made a difference. Not everyone makes the “official” list, but they should all be counted.

In a time of political unrest in our country, I find myself fascinated by watching the news to see what’s going to happen next. Being Women’s History Month and watching all of the political back and forth on the news, I thought about our Whitehouse Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, and the tough job that she has.

Did you know that since the inception of the White House Press Secretary in 1929 there have only been three women to serve in the role throughout history? It’s true. It took us 64 years before President Clinton appointed Dee Dee Myers in 1993 as the first female White House Press Secretary. She was also the second youngest person to ever fill that role. It wasn’t until 2007 that President Bush appointed Dana Perino into the roll. And now, here we are with Sarah Sanders being appointed by President Trump in 2017.

I commend these strong women for the service they have given and continue to give to our country. They endure so much criticism, hate, and resentment from the press, not the public. Yet they stand strong and unwavering as they present the facts and answer so many tough questions. Many of which have been just malicious and mean in spirit.

I realize that when you are serving in a position that reports to the White House you are “fair game for the tough questions”. But when did it become okay to attack on such personal levels? It seems like in the private sector if a person was spoken to the way that so many of the media and politicians are speaking to one another they would have been fired for harassment or creating a hostile work environment at the very least.

But, in the meantime, these ladies endured and still do endure the hate yet they continue to do their job and do it well. I say bravo to these brave women. Theirs was not and is not an easy job.