Unpolitically Correct
GO ELON above cartoon

As the publisher of this blog, I am excited about Elon Musk getting control of Twitter, I am a 53 year conservative democrat that has been censored on Twitter . Private or not  Free Speech is a must for America. Twitter is so large its a monopoly on communication, which is against our laws. I would love to help him, anyway we can to get twitter back on track to no censorship,  no algorithms,   other than the usual no hate or violence speech. 
We have some ideas to help because of all the different intellectual properties we have,   I want to give him our ownership of “forbiddentweets.com” Twitter has tried to threaten us to give it to them,  or up. Elon can have it now for free, just contact me at patrick@unpoliticallycorrect.org. and we can make arrangements to transfer it, you will be a hit with the board ? Please let us help.