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Great Beginning For Illinois Teachers!

With thanks to Illinois Policy

Read the good news from this article: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/over-22000-illinois-school-employees-stop–their-pay-to-a-union/

We love organized labor for teachers but not corrupt unions.

It’s great to see Illinois teachers beginning to take charge of their own fates: 20% have quit the union. Many education experts believe that when that number hits 28% it will be a tipping point to help the remaining teachers govern themselves. That number will give them enough power to fight back when the union punishes someone for quitting.

The threat of 28% of the teachers walking out should be the beginning of the end of teachers unions. Then teachers, new and old, can develop a better, more equitable system. They will be able to regain the respect of parents, weaken or get rid of school boards, implement better education through technology, and reduce teacher burnout.Illinois is one of the worst rated education systems in the country, but there doing something about it.

Remember when these teachers voted to fire bad teachers by a 70% margin and their own union took them to court and an Obama Judge threw out the vote? Payback is a bitch.