Unpolitically Correct
Quick Thoughts on Health Insurance Reform

The current health care system is costing American taxpayers unnecessary time, money, and resources.

As it is currently, there are tons of insurance commissions in each state, who all charge commissions on the premiums that Americans pay for their insurance plans. We believe there is a better way to deal with buying health insurance. Here are 3 ideas we have:


  1. Health insurance should be able to be bought across state lines. There would be different rates for different states, with some states having higher costs than others, and patients would have to pay for this. (Senators will oppose all this because insurance lobbies are giving them money)


  1. There should be only one single federal agency providing oversight on health insurance for the nation.


  1. We should eliminate the state-run oversight committees and eliminate that 7-10% commission that they get on health insurance sales. All that money could be used to help the poor with obtaining health insurance.


We (the people) need to push our elected senators and congressmen to adopt these ideas, and stop wasting American time, money, and resources. Let’s put the people first and create real solutions to help all Americans! What’re your ideas on health insurance reform? Do you agree with us? We want to hear from you!

Featured photo from Flickr