Unpolitically Correct
How Can Our Real Citizens And  Thinkers Tolerate This?
There is no doubt that if our executive branches of govt. and the main stream media, didn’t knowingly deny (hide this in 2020 the elections would have been different.
I think President Trump needs to stop whining about the fixed election and move on, he was wronged, but let others Carry  that torch , and tell us what the conservatives are going to do.
Solution thoughts Conservatives of all parties, need to unite under a united platform, no more than 5  Items .
Get a good sense off who is running in the mid terms and support them anyway you can.
If you are donating money, know where its going, don’t just blindly give to other People or organizations, that  don’t tell you how you are going to spend it.
Tell your politician what’s important to you, as a citizen and a voter.
What’s your thoughts, other than Hunter needs to be indicted SOON , so his Dad can pardon him while he still can.