Unpolitically Correct
I like the colors, but it’s bad optics for the Republicans.

This is not good for the Republican Party to let Matt Gaetz hand a win to the other parties. McCarthy was working with a 1.2% leverage in Congress. I didn’t like everything he did, but I think he was doing a good job trying not to make stupid moves before the next election.Mr. Gaetz who wanted a tougher fiscal approach, may have cost us the Congress in 2024. He and the seven who are pandering to the voters in Biden strongholds are not thinking right and need to be challenged by better, stronger candidates now, before the next election. Conservatives need to get their message out, not succumb to the socialist left.
If the silent majority of all parties stay silent, we are going to lose our democracy and our freedom until the billionaires start to lose theirs. Then it will take centuries to rebuild.