Unpolitically Correct
I’m an Environmentalist until it makes no sense

With thanks to Chip Bok/The Week

This is crazy.

The Keystone pipeline was approved by the EPA because of the huge amount of carbon emissions it saves (not having to use trains and trucks to move the product, equaling the gasoline usage of 38,000 cars a day). After it was approved, Berkshire Hathaway gave them and the local tribes 5 million to fight it, even though not one inch of it went through tribal lands.

We’re losing 40,000 jobs by not building the pipeline, not to mention paying higher prices for Middle East oil which in turn keeps raising gas prices (up to 65%), not to mention we pollute the world like hell just transporting it!

This is our leadership. As a Democrat, I’m not happy and I feel especially bad for the lower income jobs and truckers this hurts the most.

I’m an environmentalist until it make no sense.

Tell me, what am I missing?