Unpolitically Correct
Keep Your Hands Off Our Children
The teachers I talk to want nothing to do with sex education, especially before 5th grade, and even then they want talk about safe sex, not gender change, they think that’s up to the student and his family. To think that talking gender change or how to think about gender to a kindergarten student is OK has to be a pervert. Many in the Gay community think its inappropriate.
 This is another example of how the school boards, and those who support them are out of control. Telling people, (kids in this case,) “ how to think”, at such a young age is the far lefts, and the George Soros types, are pushing there, agenda to divide our country.
The good news is they are on the wrong side of this, as no one messes with our children, NO ONE ; W/O their parents approval, and most of the teachers agree.
Teachers want to teach our children “how to think” not the opposite that their Unions and far left want.
Speak up, send Emails ,go to the corrupt school board meetings ( they are corrupted,  and controlled by the Unions), and raise hell, in words only. Be respectful ! Get some press for Doing the right thing.