Unpolitically Correct
Let’s Re-evaluate Our Renewable Energy Sources in Areas Where They are Not Needed or Are More Expensive.

It’s time to stop talking. It’s time to do something.

One of the things the United States has said it will do is to pull out of the Paris climate accord. President Trump announced the withdrawal from the accord in June 2017, but in recent weeks, administration officials have said the U.S. may be open to staying in the agreement, which aims to limit global warming.

I would be glad to see the U.S. stay out of the Paris agreement. It’s not that we don’t believe in protecting the environment, but we are achieving our 2025 environmental goals without it.  And out of approximately 1 trillion in costs to US taxpayers that go to other countries, by the way, I think we can do much more with half that amount of money.

There are a lot of things we could do to achieve equal or better goals. Here in the Pacific Northwest the wind farms are more prone to mechanical failures and cost more to generate energy than the dams along the Columbia River itself. The only reason we have wind farms here in the first place is due to federal and state tax credits. We’ve shut down the energy-producing dams on the grid for the wind farms at six times the cost to generate that energy.

Let’s get rid of costly subsidies for under performing renewable energy sources and spend our money creating more efficient sources. I am for more renewable energy. But we need to be more pragmatic with the taxpayers’ money. Like tarries on importing Solar panels costing the taxpayers money and jobs. If we sell 3 million more solar systems because of the lower price we would employ 4 times more people at higher wages than supporting higher prices through tariffs, free trade.

Stop talking. Do something.