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Let’s start over like our Founding Fathers did

President Trump needs to concentrate on an immigration bill, which we have examined before here at Unpolitically Correct. This bill would be something both parties could endorse.

Trump should bring both Democrats and Republicans into the White House, sit them down and talk to them about it. But first, Trump should take his plan to the public. And as we’ve suggested before, he should meet with legal and illegal immigrants to get their opinions. Then he should announce his 5- or 10-point program.

This bill does not have to be complex. Forget about 100-point programs; members of Congress can understand a 10-point program. Keep it simple. There are too many lawyers in Congress who (in the words of Albert Einstein) “have a problem for every solution.”

Lawyers in Washington, D.C., just want to show you how smart they are and to draw things out so that they can charge more. Plus, a lawyer’s goal is not always about accomplishing Congress’ goals. They just want to make sure all the Ts are crossed to satisfy legal requirements – instead of taking a look at the big picture and figuring out what the client wants. That’s what great lawyers do.

Great lawyers can do more in two hours than mediocre lawyers can do in 20 hours. They don’t need to look everything up or think about everything. They can make a phone call and a problem goes away.

If you’re a fabulous lawyer making millions of dollars a year, why would you become a politician? So you can become a mediocre lawyer and get rich by giving speeches and telling everybody how smart you are?

That’s why our system is broken.

I have a lot of good friends who are lawyers. And I come from a law family. I understand how lawyers think and how the system works. And there are just too many lawyers in Washington, D.C. People will say we need lawyers in government because they understand the Constitution. Well, eighth-graders also understand the Constitution – sometimes better than lawyers. Lawyers should not try to reinterpret the Constitution; it was never intended to be torn apart and misinterpreted and reinterpreted to the level that takes place today. This even happens at the highest levels – at the Supreme Court.

But back to the issue at hand: We need to get an immigration bill passed, and we need to simplify the bills themselves. Trump needs to hold a town hall meeting to let the American people know where he stands and what he plans to do. Then he should take questions from the audience, which should be conservative in nature but also allow some liberal thoughts in there. If Trump did this every couple weeks or so, he could control the narrative and find it much easier to get his agenda passed.

Let’s have a new beginning. Let’s start over like the Founding Fathers did. We need to elect fewer lawyers to Congress and elect more business people. More importantly, we need to elect more regular people to Congress – people from the Midwest, farmers, steelworkers, car manufacturers. That’s the kind of people we need to send to Washington, D.C., since they really understand what the common person is doing.

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