Unpolitically Correct
These Midterm Elections Are Important

The Conservatives need not be concerned simply with just winning their seats, but more so with how are they going to control the House and Senate. They need to, as a group, be aggressive early on and get those votes and get good candidates. They need to focus on controlling the Senate by getting the 60 plus seats. Can you imagine what the President could do in the last two years of his term? He may even be guaranteed re-election. The Conservatives need to let go of the status quo attitude of just holding on and go for the gusto! I could make a case to spend as much on good candidates as in the general because if we control the Senate and House totally the Conservatives will be in in 2020. Pass two more simplified bills before August for total immigration and health care. Go to the people to get this done.

I think they should go for it and spend their money this midterm. But, spend it wisely. Be creative. Coordinate party get together events. Do things that don’t require a lot of money. And for the love of God, lose the smear campaigns. Imagine the message that would send to the American people if for once in our lifetime both parties did not subject us to the nasty smear campaigns and just stick to the facts. That alone would make America the greatest again.

Also, they need to focus on two or three main topics. For starters, focus on immigration right now. Fix that issue and the Republicans would win by a landslide because they would have the vote of many legal immigrants. The Immigration Bill needs to be taken away from Congress and the Senate. They just are not capable of resolving this. The stonewalling that has been done by the Democratic Party (for which I am a member) is nothing short of appalling.

They need to also focus on healthcare. Obamacare was a good concept in theory with the goal to ensure that everyone could afford health insurance. I think it had noble intentions. And I think the concept can still work. We just need a better plan. I keep saying this, but we need to get a group of really bright and intelligent people from the private sector (who are not tied to the insurance companies, any lobbyist or with Congress) and have them come up with a plan that works and then make recommendations. Get the government and politicians out of that part of it until the end. They have complicated things far too much. Why can’t we do something as simple as just putting a small tax on most of the regular policies and use that money to help those who cannot afford health insurance, but not those who can? We all know that in order for a plan to work there is just going to have to be some give and take.

I don’t understand why passing a bill has to be so complicated. It just seems like common sense has gone away. Unless you live in a dictatorship common sense should eventually prevail. I think the President has a lot of common sense, but his delivery appears to be a bit clumsy.

Look at the turnover in the Whitehouse. Talk about transparency. I think previous Administrations haven’t had the luxury of getting rid of the bad seeds because the bad seeds had dirt on them. Most everyone had something to hide and there were plenty of people inside who knew about their dirty little secrets. Talk about job security in its lowest form. Personally, I think the turnover we’re seeing in the Whitehouse now is a good thing. Again, talk about transparency.

I think the President takes the approach that if he has a job to do then he hires the person he thinks can do that job and has them do it. With all the odds that have been stacked up against him, the President has gotten a lot accomplished. Can you imagine what he could do if he actually had the support of the media, the Republicans and some of the Democrats? The possibilities are mind-boggling.

People need to come to terms with the fact that he is our President because we, the people, voted and elected him. He is our President because past Administrations made such a mess of things that the people believed strongly that we needed a drastic change. And a drastic change is what we got.

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again. Our government has a serious management problem. In your typical company, you have a Board of Directors and they set the direction and then there are one or two main people who do all the work and make all of the major decisions. That’s how companies get things done and make money. There aren’t 25 opinions on every single decision made.

Our Congress and Senate are set up to be that way, but they are far too adversarial to actually get the job done. They contradict each other too much. We need better candidates from both parties. The Conservatives need to go for the gusto and get every office that they possibly can. They need to fight tooth and nail and go in every district and appoint the best guy. The Democrats need a real supportable message and straight shooting honest candidates.

We need some fresh minds that are looking for solutions and not rehashing what happened 10 or 20 years ago. We need to clean up the swamp and bring in the thinkers and doers now. We need to work together. If it weren’t for all the time wasted arguing and fighting with one another immigration and healthcare reform would have already be done.

~ Common Sense