Unpolitically Correct
We Need The Media To Give Us Real, Honest Information So We Can Make More Educated Decisions Then They Are Making For Us Now

We need real, honest information from the media so that we can make more educated decisions. We need media sources that do not hate or have a political bias and can report the facts and the truth.

We need to take down the tethers and start talking respectfully and logically to one another.  We desperately need the media to start doing this. The more the media can help us to do that the better our country can be.

The media has such an incredible influence on how we think and believe.  Unfortunately, they are driven by ratings and that has a huge impact on what they report.  How does the saying go?  Everyone loves dirty laundry?  I realize that negativity sells, but we have got to change that.

We need to get back to talking about real news and get rid of the hate and violence that we use when trying to communicate. Lately all we hear anymore is fake news from the different media sources.  Whether it is print media, TV media, or radio media the hatred for the opposing view has been far too prevalent.

We get quotes from cable shows that have less than 300,000 viewers.  That is less than 1/10 of 1%.  How can that be?  No media gets more than 2% viewership because the general public does not want to take their time viewing the negative.  The media has less than Congress does in approval ratings.

I think a “good news” organization could get a better audience rating over time by telling the truth in a more positive way.

The animosity that has risen because of people having different political views has gotten out of control.  Look at the Justice Department and the FBI. The refusal to listen to an opinion just because it is not said from a person’s political view that you agree with has become extreme and in some cases criminal.  It’s all become far too personal. This hate has caused a great deal of corruption that needs to be prosecuted.  And it is all over hate!

Attacking people on a personal level is one of the highest forms of immaturity and disrespect that I think our culture has developed over the past years.  It’s morally wrong to attack people on such a personal level.  I know.  I’ve been guilty of doing it myself over the years. And the reason I did it was because I didn’t know how to get the point I was trying to make across to the other person.  So, I attacked personally.  And I didn’t get my point across effectively.

Whatever happened to agreeing to disagree?  We will never all agree on the same things.  That’s what makes us as Americans so interesting and alive.  If everyone agreed on everything all of the time life would be boring and no one would ever need to think independently.

The media needs to stop running the Senate and Congress. At least that’s how it looks.  Or does it? I don’t know.  But, I think a case could be made for either way.

I think the media portrays a very small amount of what is real. I choose to believe the majority of the people in our country, and perhaps in the world, are not so caught up with the hate and resentment. I think the hate we are shown on the news is truly just a small representation of what is really out there and does not represent how most people view.  Why must the squeaky wheel always get greased when the silent majority generally is more content?

There is just so much that this country needs to address and get done and it has all become so convoluted by the media.  Let’s talk about immigration for example.  Why couldn’t we have DACA and build the wall?  I think most Americans want DACA.  And I think most Americans want a wall to go up on our border.  Why can’t we have both and do total immigration all at once (see our article on the 5 steps to immigration)? Why can’t we secure our airports and our shipping ports? We need to check everything coming in to this country in containers. The cost to the consumer wouldn’t even be 1/10 of 1%.  Why can’t we employ the Army Corps of Engineer to build the wall?  They’d get it done the quickest and easiest.

Protect all illegal aliens who have not broken the law and protect our country from the drug trade that is coming into our country causing pain and havoc on our loved ones because we have an unsecured border.  Doing both is a win-win situation for everyone.  We all want freedom and we all want safety.

But the media has chosen sides. And the media presents the story in such a manner that no one is to believe that there is a solution with compromise. They publicize small snap shots of marches that show adamant oppositions, but they don’t show the larger majority of the march that practiced peace and coexistence amongst each other demonstrating different points of views.

The current way that the media is operating is dividing our country.  The way that Congress (and I mean Congress, not our President) is operating is dividing our country. This is not helping our President to unite our country and he needs to figure out a way to do so.  I think our President has accomplished some great things, but he too needs to learn how to communicate directly with the people.  I don’t think most people believe or agree with Congress (less than 10% approval ratings say that).

Maybe the President needs to slow down on his tweeting. Sometimes I really feel he needs to think before he speaks.  Or should I say think before he tweets? He needs to talk more directly with the people and we need to ignore Congress until we can re-elect.

Why can’t we eliminate all of the rhetoric and start talking about the facts?  The people voted.  The people spoke.  Let’s start supporting one another.  Let’s start supporting our President.  After all, we the people voted and we the people chose him.  Let’s do what we do as fellow American citizens and support our President, more importantly our government.  He is whom we chose and we should as a democracy support him.  Let’s give credit where credit is due.  And peacefully challenge both parties to represent us in the most appropriate and meaningful way.

Let’s demand less hate, less rhetoric, and accurate representation of the facts from the media so that we can once again have open and honest discussions and debates about the issues that we as a nation face.

Let’s start really talking and do something.