Unpolitically Correct
No Wall No DACA 

I do believe and find it incredible that the Democratic Party, which I am a member of and keep hoping that I can help change it to be more logical and blessed party, has become so hateful.  All I see these days in any of the parties is hate, hate, and more hate.  How they can take advantage of 850,000 innocent people that have been brought in to this great country of ours, by their illegal parents is beyond me.  Of course, we are not going to kick them out of our country and send them back to their country of origin…unless they break our laws.  As our own American citizens go to jail for breaking the law.  But that’s another story for another day to consider.

I believe that both parties want to do something to help these people.  I think we all agree most pose no threat to our society.  I think they should be made legal cardholders that can apply for citizenship eventually, but I don’t think we should make or be obligated to make their parents and brothers and sisters legal to come under this chain. Chain migration and lottery migration must go. We can’t justify or afford the burden it would put on this country. We need to think of the welfare and security of our 330 million legal citizens.

They are the ones that need to be taken care of. Many or most Americans travel to see their relatives, by choice, why can’t DACA recipients?  As a Democrat, I think we should table DACA. It’s like the tail is wagging the dog until we come to our senses on this issue. 850,000 wishes come before 330,000,000 legal citizens? Not logical, just political. See chart below.

It will be easier, yes, easier to do total immigration reform than just a small part of it. See 5-6 point total immigration outline for reform bill below. The President can get a majority of potential immigrants to be loyal to both parties not letting the Democrats take credit for everything. In the past many Hispanics became loyal to the Conservative party because both are pro life, both have some religious beliefs, and both want jobs created and lower taxes. If they shift their loyalties for the right reasons, which are how the democrats will push, it will shift. We need to do the right thing. The President should talk to the legal and illegal immigrants and then draft a comprehensive bill. The Democrats are leading them around by their noses. The immigrants are totally for a wall as long as they are on this side of it. They want to be protected as much as if not more than we do. As they are the largest part of the unlawful immigrants victims, and will help us build a wall and secure our country.

Don’t make the dreamers be a Democratic pawn. The answer is to do total reform. Spend everyday for one week without the lawyers (I mean Congressmen), but with the immigrants themselves.  Then hold a news conference with those immigrants standing beside you, supporting you and announce the comprehensive bill that will protect ALL Americans and immigrants by doing the right thing for everyone (read 5 point plan below). The American people and the illegal immigrants want this done and they want comprehensive immigration now. They are all for regulating our borders. Build a partial wall in the dangerous areas to stop the drug trade as much as possible, to save lives. If you are against the wall you must be for war! We kill more Americans with drugs and ruin more families than war has in the last 20 years.

Let’s do the right thing, and do it now. Let’s make Martin Luther King Jr. proud. See MLK article below. For Americans to come together and do this right, which is doable, total reform needs to happen…helping eliminating hate, between Americans and immigrants and violence everywhere.  We can with this bill.

Write your representatives and the President. (Go to Unpolitically Correct’s Contact Your Elected Official list).