Unpolitically Correct

Unpolitically Correct:

“Saying what you really think and mean calmly with respect and supportable facts.”

Politically Correct:

“Saying what you think people want to hear. Never taking a question or answering it directly.  Speaking in generalities with no real facts or substance.”

We need to re-embrace being unpolitically correct.

“It is better to be defeated standing for a high principle than to run by committing subterfuge.” ~ Grover Cleveland

A recent study done  SHOWS THAT 80 PERCENT OF AMERICANS THINK POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS A NATIONAL PROBLEM.  The report says that opposition to political correctness was higher among Asians (82 percent), Hispanics (87 percent), and American Indians (88 percent) than among white Americans (79 percent). Read more from the Federalists overview of the More in Common study.

According to the Federalists overview of the study, progressive activists are the only group that strongly backs political correctness.  The study defines the progressive activists to much more likely to be rich, highly educated and white.  They are nearly twice as likely as the average to make more than $100,000 a year.  They are nearly three times as likely to have a postgraduate degree.  And while 12 percent of the overall sample in the study is African American, only 3 percent of progressive activists are.  With the exception of the small group of devoted conservatives, progressive activists are the most racially homogeneous group in the country.

“I don’t make jokes.  I just watch the government and report the facts.” ~ Will Rogers

Who is truly pushing the political correctness agenda? It’s not the average American. The reality is that the average American is concerned about their ability to express themselves.  People are afraid of the social outcomes if they don’t use the “correct” word.  Americans are stifled.  And who is stifling them?  Who is demanding political correctness?  Well, it’s not the “minorities” demanding it.

Political correctness has simply divided our country and patriotism has gone by the wayside because of it.  Embracing your individual culture is important but it can go hand in hand with embracing your allegiance to each other and your nation.

Political correctness is social manipulation and it needs to stop.  Americans need to stop allowing themselves to be marginalized into sub categories.  We are all Americans and we need to demand to be treated the same, and more important we need to treat others as we want to be treated (the same).

We need to re-embrace being unpolitically correct.  We need to embrace our right to free speech but practice it by showing respect and tact in our discussions and debates with one another.

“Talk is cheap, except when Congress does it.”  ~ Anonymous

Attitude is the strongest thing we can control.