Unpolitically Correct
Six Point Gun Reform

We should require a gun safety class for all new gun buyers. If the gun manufacturers supported and funded this requirement we would have a lot more safe gun owners. And, gun sales would probably go up as well as gun safety training classes (after all, they are fun).

But, I also think the NRA needs to acknowledge the publics’ perception of the AR 15 and let it go. Read “Let’s Protect Our Kids“.The gun sales aren’t going to go down because the age to buy has changed to 21. I also think if the NRA would just agree and support these six points we could cut a deal with a lot of politicians and have a lot of the gun-related requests go away.

  1. I would negotiate a Ten-year Leave Us Alone Bill. Then we could stop wasting so much money fighting each other over this. Think of all the money we could be redirecting and spending on helping the poor.
  2. We need to have a centralized, computerized mental health network system that allows the mental health and law agencies to send notifications to the appropriate people when a person should not have a gun (whether it be permanent or temporary). They would also advise on removing any guns from this person for a period of time. Give the guy the right to go to court within 48 hours to get the gun ban lifted off of him if it should be.
  3. We should charge $20 to obtain a license to own a gun. This money can fund all of the background checks that need to be done and to keep them up to date. It would also help fund an upgraded, modern computer network system that allows all of the agencies involved to be connected enabling them to be more effective and timely. Background checks could then be done fast and then have a three-day waiting period.
  4. We need to require all new, potential gun owners to take a gun safety class first. The class would give them the ability to use a variety of different types of guns. By doing this they would be more educated in making a decision on what type of gun they are most comfortable using and want to buy.
  5. We need to have a legal system in place required to transfer or sell guns. We need to have the same guidelines and requirements as we do with the sale or gift of a vehicle to apply to gun ownership. Stolen guns need to be reported immediately as well as gifting or selling a gun. The fees associated with these transactions would support the management and tracking of it. Background checks are necessary for most gun transfers. It also protects the sellers.
  6. Finally, we need to go after and collect all of the illegal guns by implementing more gun amnesty programs. We would give all of the illegal gun owners the opportunity to give up their guns no questions asked. We should also do some sweeping, under marshall law, in the dangerous areas to stop deaths and get these guns off of the streets.

Our gun laws do not need to be re-written. We need to enforce the ones we have. They just need some tweaks and we need to make a decision and do something. What we really need is better public education about guns.