Unpolitically Correct
Social Media And A Nation’s Security

Present Trump needs to bring the leaders of all the major high-tech companies out of Silicon Valley and Seattle together (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.).  Bring them to the White House for one day and have them spend three or four hours together to figure out the answers to a few of the questions everyone has.  Put them all in a highly secured room without the President and have them all sign non-disclosure agreements so that no one worries about anything leaking or someone stealing any of their secrets.

There they can resolve the issues that are going on with hacking. Find the resolutions for everything from preventing the smaller scale hacking being done by individuals to the bigger scale issues that are affecting entire countries.  I know they have the answer.  They just need the safe, secure environment to get together and get it figured out. I don’t know if it’s implementing software that constantly scrambles information so that no one can access it or what.  But there is an answer.  And they have it.

I also think our Internet should come through somewhere in the United States where we could completely shut it down if we were to have an invasion or major compromise.  We should have the ability to just shut out the entire outside world to protect our city grids, major corporations and any other secrets we need to protect. We should be able to shut it down until we figure out what is happening and how to strategize how we are going to manage it.  We also need to be able to go into these other countries and have access to hack them if they hack us and shut them down.  I think we did in Korea, but I don’t know. We need to say “hey if you’re going to do this to us we’re going to do it five times worse to you”.  We do that a couple of times and we send a strong message not to mess with us.

More than anything else right now we need them to spend the afternoon brainstorming on how we can stop the hacking and protect our information.  Find a way that we can regulate social media so that we can eliminate the online bullying, hate recruiting, ISIS recruiting and all of these things that are a problem.  Read the article “Securing Information Using the Power of the Private Sector“.

I think a lot of what had brought things to a head is what has happened with Facebook.  Facebook was doing fine until we found out that they helped President Trump.  Thank God we elected him for this reason alone.  Had we elected Hilary none of this would’ve come out.  Because Trump is our president is why we even know that Facebook got taken advantage of.  This is what it took for the information to come to a head. This is what transparency looks like.

But let’s figure out a way that we can use social media to follow the money that we know is moving from one country to another by placing ads on Facebook.  Let’s figure out how we can monitor these outside influences.  If it isn’t already, it should be against the law for other countries to have an influence on our elections in any way, shape, or form.  Countries that do this should be kicked out and suspended from the United Nations for starters.  They should have penalties to face and they should hurt.

The main thing though is that the President needs to bring all of the major leaders of the high-tech industry together and come up with the solution.  Make sure that no press once so ever is involved.  At the end of their meeting they could then hold a press conference and give us a synopsis of how it’s going to be fixed, but leave out the details. Right now it is all revolving around hacking into the presidential elections, but it goes way deeper than that.

I adamantly believe that no country should have the ability or right to take over any piece of another country.  Those that do should be blocked from NATO.  If you commit a crime you lose your right to participate in the treaties.

Every country’s right to vote should never be compromised by another.  We really do need a much more effective voting “watchdog” that we can trust. What we have currently now isn’t working.  I think the European Union should come with an elite group of about ten thousand people who are everywhere.  Their sole purpose would be to make sure that all voters can vote how they wanted and that they are safe doing it.

But in order to make it all work we need for our Internet and social media to be safe and secure.  So, let’s get the leaders in a room and have them find the solution.