Unpolitically Correct
Tackling the Problem of Immigrants Who Stay with Expired Visas

We need to address the problem of the vast number of people who have come into the country on 90-day tourist visas and stayed well past that amount of time. One suggestion is to select a certain number of these people (say, 60,000 or so) at regular intervals and have them come in to renew their visas for 90 days while they work out their legal status. As long as they don’t have any other legal problems, this would enable them to avoid deportation and work with the system instead of against it.

It’s also important to address the issue of companies who knowingly hire employees with expired visas. A penalty of something like $5,000 for each day the employee works for them would drastically cut the number of employers willing to overlook the law like this.

What do you think the best way to address this problem is?