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Teachers Unions Are Bad for Teachers

With thanks to Discourse, Tribute Content Agency, and Monroe News

This article explains one of the major problems with our education system: teachers unions.

Most of you know that we are totally for organized labor. (In fact, we believe that organized labor should be ten times bigger than it is.) But we don’t like unions that are corrupt and disincentivize new teachers. If teachers could run themselves with elected unpaid officers, with paid staff to do the heavy lifting, they would feel appreciated and have better attitudes (in large part due to the higher pay). There would be less administration and more use of technology in class, leading to less burnout.

This article on teachers unions explains a lot. We are excited that parents are starting to see the flaws in our education system (at least that is one good thing that’s come out of the pandemic!).

Parents needs to come together to fight or eliminate school boards. That means dads need to get involved too! It’s not fair for moms to have to the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to our kids education.

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