Unpolitically Correct



It looks like the Biden Administration is off to the start we expected – wasting a whole lot of time.  I’m disappointed as a Democrat in the party spending all the time on impeachment when they knew it wasn’t going to succeed just to get publicity and beat up on Trump.  If we don’t get rid of the hate in the Democratic party, it will be our downfall – I guarantee you.

The mainstream media is doing such a fabulous job of doing cover for Biden! Has anybody thought about all the concerns everyone had about President Trump issuing all those Executive Orders?  Biden has already almost done more since he’s been in office or equal to it, I think than President Trump did in four years, and the democrats were complaining all the time.

This has been going on for a long time, so we can’t blame the Democrats for doing the things that Republicans do as well, but it’s going to be a time before there is a day of reckoning on the money being spent on these bills that are being passed.  The Biden Administration has spent $5 trillion so far, and it’s only been a month.  Between big tech in the hands of billionaires controlling this administration and being guided by Obama, we already have a more liberal, more high-spending version of the Obama administration.

Though I haven’t yet heard Biden claim, “This will be the most transparent administration ever.”

For example, regarding the Paris Accord –why don’t we take the trillion dollars we’re going to give the world as part of the Paris Accord and spend it here in the United States on the environment?  I’m an environmentalist, you know, for the most part.  I’d rather we spend the money here and clean up our environment as best we can, but these zero emissions goals are an impossibility and everybody knows it because even if we clean up our country to zero emissions, the rest of the world isn’t doing a thing to bring it under control.  So, we might be able to lower the world’s emissions by 2%, 3%, maybe 5%, and that is something we would like to see happen.  We just need to do it a little more effectively, not at the expense of the workers, creating more unemployment.  There are no environmental companies going crazy hiring more people.  There are solar plants still closing in this country.  In fact, we import all our windmills.

So, it would be good if people listen to Bill Gates as he tries to get people to understand that nuclear power is the one of the main ways that we can wean ourselves from other forms of energy.  But unless you plan to kill every human and animal cow and horse in our country, we will never be at zero emissions.

We can have expensive carbon offsets to those emissions, but we will never be at zero.

What happened to President Trump’s plan to plant a trillion trees?  We now understand they are not going to go forward with it.  Why wouldn’t they go forward with it if they are so interested in the environment?  It’s already been funded, and the money’s already been set aside.

Moreover, what about the billions of dollars that are still sitting in Federal and State bank accounts that were approved six months ago for people that are unemployed who haven’t received that money yet?

There needs to be some accountability.  We need to get some people to at least look at what’s going on, not ignoring it. I’m not saying anybody should go after Biden at all.  Just report what he’s doing.

When and if all this comes out, there will be a change of Administration again in 2024.  The Republicans are really reeling from their loss, but they’re not raising hell about it like the Democrats did in 2016 when they said the election was stolen from them, whether it was or not.  The Republicans are trying to figure out what to do, but I think we’re going to give it to them if we keep going on the way we are.

Unfortunately, the day of reckoning will come.  Wait until we get a year down the road and the world says, “We’re not loaning you any more money unless we raise the interest rate.”  Our bond rating will get worse, costing the government more money on interest. This leaves less money for important programs. Our credit rating is dropping as we speak.  We’re talking about devaluing the dollar.  We haven’t talked about that in how long?  Anyway, more will be revealed.

I don’t know what will trigger a downfall in our economy, but it looks to me like were doing things that will make it happen.  The question is when?