Unpolitically Correct
The Problem Isn’t Lack of Revenue in D.C., It’s Lack of Management

Congress must pass a corporate tax now, so that Americans will be able to see the impact before the next election. But the U.S. Senate might delay the corporate tax discount by one year. These are likely all the Republican senators, some of whom just want out of office. I can’t think of a better way to do it.

Let’s forget about the national debt for a moment and seek a 4 percent GDP increase from 2018 through 2022. If anybody is saying we can’t, they are probably Democratic, old-school, set-in-their-ways economists. As we’ve written about elsewhere, we need to replace all those people and find others who have new ways of thinking, and who think positively, so that we can be successful in putting America first in this high-tech, globalized society.

Globalization is happening, and if America is great again, everybody in the world will benefit. We need to create a system of trade which benefits Americans by raising exports to offer better trade deals. If a country charges us to import something, then we should charge the same to export to them. It’s got to be a two-way street.

It’s so simple. Let’s examine the top 10 percent of items manufactured in China and imported into the United States, then manufacture them here instead. This involves dealing with the unions and with the bureaucracy that stifles U.S. manufacturing. Other countries have simplified the process, and the same can happen here.

The American people are losing faith in government. There’s political corruption throughout the higher levels of the government, in the State Department, the attorney general’s office and within the FBI. We need to clean it up and to be transparent about the process. (And not hide behind national secrets; only the CIA should do that.)

Moving forward, maybe we need somebody like Mark Cuban to run for president. Ask him to look at the health care plan if he truly wants to think about running. This is much better than the lawyer politicians we have for presidents. Give Cuban a challenge. If he’s good at it, he might pole-vault into the Republican nomination. I think Trump would be fine with that. With Cuban’s team of experts, his technological savvy and his ability to make deals, I bet he could come up with a health bill.