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The “Squad” – What a Democratic Mess

They continue to bite the hand that feeds them.

How do you negotiate with a country that says death to America?  How do you negotiate with the Palestinians or Iran when they won’t recognize you as a country? And how do you negotiate with activists and politicians who use the race card every time they can’t get their point across or people don’t agree with what they’re thinking.

I don’t think Iran is going to negotiate with us.  The bigger problem right now is their support of terrorism around the world.  We need to continue cutting off their money supply.  No one wants to go to war. But we do need to send a strong message.  We need to protect the US and the rest of the world from their nuclear threats and terrorism. Read our article “It’s Time to Cut Off the Head of the Snake; Iran – Yes, they are the Elephant in the Room or World”.

The “Squad” is going down a bad path.

Their beliefs are so far outside that of the mainstream or even the Left.  They have lost every bill they have sponsored in their own Congress because their own party votes against them.  I have been a conservative Democrat for over 50 years, but I do not believe in any of what they say.  They do have some good ideas, but they don’t’ have workable solutions to carry out their ideas.  Sadly, when they can’t get what they want, they play the race card. It seems like the race card is getting played far too often these days.

Also, pushing the socialist agenda isn’t going to help them.  Ultimately, it’s going to be their downfall. The US does not want to be a socialist county.  We do believe in having socialistic safety nets to help uplift those in need.  But that’s the extent of it.  Socialist countries just don’t work.

The “Squad” and the Democratic party is so focused on calling President Trump a racist and threatening to impeach him that nothing else is getting done.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to corral her party back in.  She knows they need to start focusing on other issues if they are going to have any chance in 2020.  I don’t think the majority of Americans want to see impeachment.  They want solutions for the issues we face such as healthcare and whether or not we have a wall.

I think the Democratic Party will get a lot more respect if they work on helping the President on some of his issues and take credit for the positive things being done. The stonewalling theory is a total failure.

As a Democrat, I am not happy with my party.  We used to help those who couldn’t help themselves.  Now we want to take from everybody in order  to have our own agenda.  Agenda politics doesn’t work.

The “Squad” needs to gear back their proposals to be acceptable with the rest of the Democratic party.  Then they might be able to go somewhere. If they don’t get the support from the Democrats, then Trump is going to continue to use them as an example.

The “Squad” also needs to deal with Omar (or whatever her real name is).

Stonewalling everyone with no comment is only adding fuel to the conspiracy theorists, and the justice department. If she is innocent great.  But I don’t think she is and the “Squad” continues to defend her under the irrational unpopular use of the racists defense. If she is guilty and the” Squad” doesn’t do the right thing it will take them down especially AOC (we all want to know who is behind her and pulling her strings). Omar’s truth needs to come out now and not just before the elections. That will help Trump immensely.

If you think socialism is the answer, well then good luck.

It’s the best thing you can do for the Republican Party in 2020.

They will win the presidency, the House and may just get a super majority in the Senate.


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