Unpolitically Correct

First of all, skip the government. The government’s “war on poverty” has been a huge failure and a huge waste of money. There have been too many well-intentioned programs that end up overflowing with bureaucracy, waste, and corruption. Trying to solve the problem with our tax dollars isn’t the answer.

Instead of taxing the wealthy why don’t we give them a tax credit to help the poor directly? Let the wealthy lift them up instead of giving them programs and money that just keep them where they are.

The unsuccessful war on drugs is a part of this issue. We need new ideas and solutions. The wealthy private sector will get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time than the government ever could.

There is so much opportunity in our country. We need to advance the middle class and the poor. While the poor is a great topic for our politicians to talk about in a “politically correct” sense, nothing ever gets done. Other than our tax dollars getting thrown at the problem.

The poor literally have become a political sinkhole. Let’s get unpolitically correct and admit what is not working. We have unfilled jobs they can fill if we show them how.

The Swamp does not have a revenue problem, it has a management problem. I say give some tax credits to the wealthy private sector and let’s see how quickly some of our problems get resolved.

Words from a Democrat who supports this solution. We need new ideas and less bureaucracy.