Unpolitically Correct
To Care or To Obamacare?  We Must Do something about healthcare

It’s time to address health insurance in our country.

The majority of Americans have coverage one way or another. So, I don’t believe we should redo the whole system.  President Trump needs to give us a real plan.

I think by getting rid of the bureaucracy that’s weighing down the insurance companies and making them less competitive and more profitable it would force them to be competitive.  Get rid of their excuses to have high premiums and high deductibles. Don’t require people to carry coverage for things they will never need.  Take the good parts (what little there are) of Obamacare and simplify things. We just need to fix it.

According to the United States Census Bureau 8.8 percent of people did not have health insurance in 2017.  Click here to read the report.

It’s these people we need to take care of.  These are the folks who don’t make enough money to afford the high premiums but are considered to make too much to qualify for subsidies or assistance.  These are the younger folks no longer on their parents’ insurance who probably don’t even think they need it.  These are the folks who have fallen through the cracks.  We need to help them.

If more Americans had all the facts which I’m sure are voluminous, you would be amazed how many solutions you would receive. You would get an amazing amount of positive capital for the transparency and letting the voters have input.

Maybe we should just raise the income guidelines for subsidized healthcare for the working class who aren’t offered health insurance by their employer.

I do hope the Conservatives come up with a social safety net to cover them soon (since the Democrats are too busy chasing the impeachment tail).

I would love to hear the President say he has a plan to be released after the first of the year.  One that lets the voters weigh in and not the lobbyists or insurance companies.

Being a center right Democrat or a conservative Democrat (and yes, we still do exist) I have not left the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party has left me, and many like me.  This is why President Trump got elected.  If the Democratic Party doesn’t come to their senses and come up with some workable solutions it will be Trump again in 2020.