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Total Immigration Reform Is A Must:  Trying To Do It In Parts Will Never Work

President Trump needs to go for total immigration reform now. Take it to the people first. Don’t let the politicians manipulate us with their individual agendas. Everyone needs to think they have gotten something.  Trying to get a wall without giving something that all political parties wills support is the only way to get a workable solution to total immigration.

Doing a total immigration reform now will save countless lives each year in drug related deaths and addiction alone. In 2017 nearly 200 people a day died of drug overdoses. This death toll is higher than ALL US military casualties in the Vietnam and Iraq wars combined. These numbers ONLY take into consideration opioid related drug overdoses and DO NOT include deaths from drug related crimes.  Most of which are committed by gangs and addicts. There are 70,000 drug overdoses plus 100,000 drug related deaths per year. Our war on drugs has been a total failure and has cost us far too much to continue to ignore.  The Time’s “The Opioid Diaries”  and “The Story Behind the Viral Photo of an Opioid Overdose” gives a true look at what is happening to us.

Any congressman or senator who votes against this bill are complicit in supporting crime and the deaths of American citizens. Mothers unite! These are our kids!

The congressional members of both parties (including the conservative Trump haters) are the most unpatriotic people we have ever elected while we have a “no hate” policy.  They care more about themselves and their own feelings than their constituents and American lives.  Pelosi and Schumer do not even come close to representing the middle or conservative Democrats, as I am one. Americans want some kind of wall and 85% want immigration reform.  That takes a lot of Democrats to get those numbers.

Legalizing the illegal immigrants and building the wall would also have an immense economic impact on our economy. While many illegal immigrants do pay taxes, many do not. It is estimated there could be 700 billion dollars in new taxes (most of our national debt?) by an estimated 5 million illegal immigrants out of 20-25 million who won’t take regular jobs that deduct taxes because of their fear of being deported or just because they don’t want to pay taxes. But they have no problem taking our entitlements for free. This would take millions off of welfare and other government subsidies and fill those 6 million available jobs (2% unemployment rate?).

Let’s hand Congress a three-step resolution they can support. One that incorporates most of the President’s 100-point plan and will make both the President and the country happy.  Pass this as a short 10-page bill with a 90-day period for the lawyers (I mean congressmen) to complete.

3-Step Total Immigration Reform Program Can Be Implemented Now. And Building the Wall is a Must.

Step 1 – Build the Wall 
Why was the Secure Fence Act of 2006 acceptable but Trump’s wall isn’t?  The influx of illegal immigrants and drugs needs to be stopped. Increased border enforcement must be announced at the same time as the new immigration reform plan. Again, we need to stop the huge influx of illegal immigrants from trying to enter the US. The US has been crippled by the illegal drugs coming across our border. The border wall will stop a tremendous amount of this saving countless lives.

Use the US Army Corps of Engineers to help regulate the borders temporarily and to build or help build the wall. If they can build a bridge in one day imagine how fast they can build the wall. They can engineer it and hire private contractors to build it.

Have the US Army Corps of Engineers deploy 5,000 to 10,000 troops to protect our border. They could rotate 90-day tours along the border while building the wall. If anyone comes across illegally they will be deported. And they will not be eligible for a green card or to apply for citizenship ever (this must be in the bill).

Step 2 – Legalize All Illegal Immigrants Who Have Broken No US Law Other Than Entering the US Illegally (This will be the only shift for President Trump – Call it the Trump Card) No citizenship.

Set up a program to protect all of the law-abiding illegal immigrants who are currently in the US from deportation. Again, the definition of a law-abiding illegal immigrant is one who has broken no US law other than entering the US illegally. Remove the pressure from ICE and execute a temporary executive order authorizing them to NOT deport or detain any illegal immigrants that fall under this definition.

This would apply to all illegal immigrants including DACA immigrants. This program would not apply to any future illegal immigrants coming into the US after the program has been implemented. This program would supersede and/or eliminate all other immigration policies (this includes lottery visas, chain migration, anchor babies, etc.).  A new VISA program has to be created.

Issue a temporary 3-year green card to all of those who meet the above requirement and deport those who do not. Charge a $300 fee for the background check and registration. The funds received would be split between the states and the federal government to be used to offset the cost of implementing the program.

After three years (and the wall must be completed by then) issue a 15-year card for a $700 fee. These funds will be allocated to offset the implementation of the program and building the wall or be used to expand access to addiction treatment.

Have the conservative private sector put in place donations to provide assistance or loans for the above fees (after giving them three years to pay for it).  This surely would be a home run for the conservatives.

Again, issue a temporary executive order allowing ICE to not arrest or deport any illegal immigrants who have not broken the law. If they get caught up in a sweep let them go. ICE will support this. What are the sanctuary cities going to do?

Step 3 – Deport All Criminal Illegal Immigrants and Eliminate All Sanctuary Cities in the Bill

Complete the deportation orders for criminal illegal immigrants now by registering the illegal immigrants who have not broken the law (other than coming here illegally).  Prioritize and expedite the deportation process for those who have committed violent crimes or drug related crimes.

Eliminate all sanctuary cities. Any city that provides sanctuary or protection to criminal illegal immigrants will not be eligible to participate in the program.

The perceived necessity of a sanctuary city will no longer exist. Many illegal immigrants qualifying for the program would assist in finding and deporting the criminal illegal immigrants. They want to protect the program and their status in it.  They’ll know if they snitch now the bad guy will get deported. Right now, less people help the police in sanctuary cities because the criminals are let go right away.  Of course, people are afraid to snitch (the opposite of the sanctuary city rhetoric).

I am a Democrat and a large share of Democrats are tired of the Pelosi types and the Trump haters at the expense of the American people. Take a pole and find out how out of touch the Democratic leadership really is. They know it. That’s why they don’t do unbiased polls. It’s time to get out of the bubble and do the right thing.

This program would be genius on the President’s part. He’s going to get credit for doing an immigration bill that no one has been able to accomplish in 50 years! This would be a huge political win for this administration.

Everybody would be happy with this program. It’s a win-win for our country. We’re going to build the wall. We’re going to greatly reduce the drug trade. We’re going to save countless lives. We’re going to reduce the need for law enforcement. We’re going to reduce hospital and medical costs. We’re going to reduce the first responders time related to drug abuse.

But most importantly, we’re going to protect and legalize the “Dreamers” and all of the millions more, keeping families united and safe.

Where can anyone spend 50 billion dollars to save 2 trillion for the taxpayers and save countless lives?

The political capital gained for the President would make this bill unstoppable. There will be millions marching on Washington supporting the President.

This program is tough, but also incredibly generous. If the President were to bring this to the people first, they will support it and Congress will have to pass it. Hold rallies with hundreds of illegal immigrants behind you and announce the following before you take this to Congress:

Build the wall.

Legalize All Illegal Immigrants Who Have Broken No US Law Other Than Entering the US Illegally

Deport All Criminal Illegal Immigrants and Eliminate All Sanctuary Cities

Congress Support the Wall or Get Out of Politics!

So much for a lame-duck session. Wow!

We need to pass this on.  Any congress member who votes against millions of dollars for a total wall is complicit in the deaths of Americans.  More than if they voted to go to war.  Americans are dying here in our own country.  We can stop most of it.

~ Patrick Lockhart, Founder