Unpolitically Correct
Union Leadership Makes Unions The Problem

One thing the pandemic has done is to help parents and students understand that the main problem with our educational systems is as always – THE UNIONS.

They don’t care about making the system better. Like politicians they just want to keep their control over their members in order to take extraordinary amounts of money for themselves and then give even more money to just one political party.

We totally believe in organized labor that’s run by its members and allows open, free, and legal voting.

Unions tell us everyone is happy and things are going well while

Union membership is at an all-time low – so how is that? 

We are all for teachers getting higher wages and better benefits while improving their productivity and getting better results. With Unions now we have the opposite – less productivity and worse results at higher costs, and you can’t fire the bad actors even when the members want to.

Good teachers, good cops, good government workers all need to unite and get their pride back by reorganizing, taking control and governing themselves.

What can we do – any ideas?