Unpolitically Correct
Use Proposed Tax Cuts to Eliminate National Debt

We need to consider not lowering taxes on the rich and, instead, taking the 5 percent that their taxes would have been reduced and applying it to the national debt. This proposal wouldn’t even need to be debated because the Democrats wouldn’t fight it. The rich don’t care about lowering taxes; they’re just tired of corruption and waste in the Washington, D.C., swampland. If we take care of that, the rich will be fine.

Twenty percent of taxpayers in this country pay about 80 percent of the taxes. What’s fair? People need to think about that. The rich are paying way more than their fair share – and they don’t mind, but we need to take care of them. If the rich don’t get rich, the middle income will not make more money. That’s just a fact of life. (And the middle income earners will pull the poor up. It’s all tied together.)

But if we think we can take from the rich to give to the poor and make everything better – well, it doesn’t work that way, because government is so inefficient, even though we have some great government employees. Besides, the idea of “the rich” is so badly skewed by earnings in certain high-tech industries. There are relatively few people who make billions of dollars. How can we throw them into any equation and not skew what the numbers look like? The Democrats do that, and Republicans need to point it out.

Income inequality is not as bad if you remove the top 20,000 wage earners, who pay high taxes, from the equation. We would like 20 percent of the taxpayers to pay 90 percent of the taxes. In order to do this, they have to help make the other 80 percent richer as well. The lowering of the corporate tax rate would help achieve this, as well as encouraging companies to move to the United States from other countries.