Unpolitically Correct

I am a Democrat and I am going to vote for Trump, like a lot of Democrats that are going to vote for Trump. There are also Republicans that are going to vote for Biden, I get that. Everybody has their favorites, but I do know one thing, if we get Biden for president, he says he won’t tax anyone making under $400,000 a year and if he immediately does do away with the Trump Tax cuts, which he says he will, Biden will implement a new system that will tax everybody making over $50,000 a year. Those people will lose their tax benefits and their net pay will be much smaller. This will make lower-income families the more vulnerable.

Believe it or not, President Trump has a health program plan that will insure everybody in the country will be covered. However, he isn’t just going to lay it out for the Democrats to undermine. It’s not about getting rid of the Obamacare coverage just to be spiteful, it’s about creating a better health care program that doesn’t cost taxpayers so much and makes prescription drugs much more affordable.

Obamacare Premiums Cartoon

I agree with him because the problem with Obamacare is that it has too much government involvement and it’s too expensive, that’s costing us 20-25% of the premium costs. We can lower premiums and cover everyone in this country and Trump is going to do that. He’s already signed a series of executive orders for prescription drug reform and pledged to send $200 drug cards to all Americans using Medicare yet Congress is still preventing that.

Trump also has an immigration plan to approve the Dreamers, and I think he should pass a bill right now to let the Dreamers get their full citizenships over the next two or three years while getting rid of the dreamers who have committed felonies; they should not be allowed to become a citizen or reside in the country. Trump wants to do it because it’s just the right thing to do.

I am voting for Trump as a Democrat, and I know 10-15% of Democrats, like last time are going to do it because we’re too scared to go any other direction. Biden isn’t going to be our President and we should know that.

The problem with Biden is he’s totally controlled by others. How can people commit felonies on TV, and not be prosecuted? I have no faith in our justice department, Bill Barr or any of them. They talk a good story and then allow anything. I could indict people, on what we know from where I’m sitting, imagine what they can do. They have so many people that have broken laws they don’t know how to handle that many, that’s why we must vote for Trump.

Now, even if you think he’s the lesser of two evils he will at least be able to bring us out of this pandemic and bring the economy back. Blaming anybody for the virus and how it’s been handled is wrong. Nobody could predict how and what was going to happen when or how and when the knowledge was going to be received. And if you think that these other countries like China aren’t lying like crazy about how many have been affected, then you’re mistaken.

Everyone talks about how we’re getting a lot more people with the virus, well, they think 100 million people in this country have had the virus, forget these little numbers everyone’s talking about. It’s just that the number of people getting tested for the virus is going up because we’re testing more.

Anyway, I’m voting for Trump because I know he can help us get out of this mess better than Biden and better than anybody else, especially his vice president, she will destroy our legal system and take care of her cronies like Biden has.