Unpolitically Correct
Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave

Wokeing Disney is a bad idea, this cartoon is more reality than humorous. Mickey is no longer a boy mouse ? What is he . Walt Disney always opened his wonderful chats with Hello Boys and Girls, not at todays Disney , in order to woke Disney there going to have to destroy a lot of movies cartoons, and amusement Venues. As a lifelong 53 yrs democrat, If Disney doesn’t change its course I will not, nor my family go to anything Disney, quit the parks , the cable channel , the movies. Thank god the Florida Governor, and legislature have some basic morals and common sense. Disney is ditching all the Florida Taxpayers, that backed and voted for these politicians that include a lot of sensible Democrats, that have been paying Disney’s tax deferrals for 50 years. I have to admit some people in the Florida Govt. Were asleep at the wheel to let this go on. I bet 90% of Floridians had no idea, that the face of wokeness, was duping the taxpayers like this. Wokeness is bad enough but supported by intelligent taxpayers, is going to stop, I am not a homophobic, I don’t care who calls themselves what at all, I am not anti gay. What I am is against is perverts trying to tell 6 year old’s “how to think” I saw a video of an American first grade teacher (with bluish hair)  telling his students, that Doctors guess what sex you are when you are born ? Then proceeds to tell them there options, which did not include Boy or Girl. Outrageous ! Parents and older students need to stand up for Free thinking, we want our children to Learn “ how to think”. NOT.  “what to think”.   We need to take back our schools from this madness, and most teachers, agree. My Gay friend’s think this kind of behavior is inappropriate as well, everything has its limits, and on this type of wokeness we have hit ours.