Unpolitically Correct
Where’s Our Cyber-Security?

Thank you Dana Summers!

Who needs an expensive, vulnerable military when hacking seems to be such an effective new way to bring countries and their key industries to their knees?

We need to cut off countries that allow this kind of hacking, and if we’re doing it we need to lead by example and stop. China is leading the world in many categories largely because they are not investing in technology, they’re just hacking and stealing it from the US and other leading countries. We need to figure out a way to stop it. Why can’t our technology people spend more R&D money on this?

Why spend so much money on the latest and greatest products only to have them hacked and wind up making outrageous profits for the thieves. Anyone that thinks we can send technology-based products to another country to be manufactured and not be hacked by concealed spyware when they are returned is an idiot, period

We need to make it really hurt for any country that allows hacking, whether for blackmail or not.

Where’s our cyber-security?