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Who’s Really Behind the Push to Stop Transporting Oil Through Pipelines?

Pipelines are an environmental plus. They pollute considerably less than railroads and trucks. On this issue, President Trump would be able to take credit for helping the environment by encouraging the construction and utilization of oil pipelines.

There are about 2.5 million miles of pipelines in the United States. But now that the final permit needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline has been granted, we think the railroad people are paying the purchasers of oil that will run through the pipeline not to buy it and to instead run oil up and down the rails, polluting our country.
We challenge any investigative reporter who has any credibility to research this issue.

Follow the money.

Who is fighting the pipeline and trying to make it not work? It has nothing to do with the environment, because pipelines help the environment. Environmentalist agreed with the Environmental Protection Agency when it approved the pipeline and then, afterwards, got huge amounts of money from different organizations to fight against pipelines. Where did that money come from? It did not come from the general public; it came from special interest groups who want the railroads to carry the oil.

Again, we are looking for the day when the true investigative reporters come back into the mainstream media. That’s how the media can earn back its credibility – with true, honest, investigative reporting.

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