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Censor the Censors
I totally support President Trump’s executive order to look into censoring the Social Media giants, who have been under the protection of a bill called  230 that allows them to have no liability for anything they do, which was issued only because they said they wouldn’t censor anybody because they had no control over content.

But now they want to censor conservatives and stay sheltered under that law.

I remember when that law was passed many lawyers in this country thought it was totally unconstitutional, but many congressmen and senators were paid a lot of money to pass that law.  It was corruption to begin with and I’m pretty sure that Trump hopes they sue him over this and he’ll then be able to take it to the Supreme Court. He and many other conservatives of all parties think the bill is unconstitutional.  To give a media company with that kind of power with complete immunity in simply insane. This is not what the bill was about. President Trump is not trying to censor anybody; he’s trying to keep these social media giants from censoring others. He really thinks through what’s going on here. He is trying to un-censor Twitter and Facebook, and I have to say that lately they seem to be censoring a little more carefully.
Twitter made a big mistake when they went after him on voter fraud in mail in ballots. Their fact checkers are lying themselves.  There’ a huge amount of evidence over the last 20 years on mail-in ballot voter fraud. There are people in prison today over mail in voter fraud who have the broken the laws, and been arrested, prosecuted and put in jail. To say that there is no supporting evidence is lying. Twitter is lying to their followers with their opinions because…

the person in charge of censorship for Twitter is an anti-Trump person who has personally called him and anybody that works for him a Nazi.

I cannot see how they could put that kind of a person in charge of any committee that oversees their censorship. I’m for the First Amendment – it has rules about anything that will harm others with Free Speech and there’s no reason to go around it. Twitter and Facebook should be liable if they do something really stupid. We should probably consider modifying the First Amendment through Congress to control terrorists recruiting and spreading information on how to build bombs. These social media giants are allowing people to call the President every single name in the book, so if they want to censor him when he says that he thinks mail-in ballots could lead to voter fraud they could have some real legal issues. In California they had found 60,000 illegal votes in the last election; it’s how they were able change Orange County to Blue, Nobody was prosecuted, yet it is a fact. Please feel free to fact check that.
I don’t know why the Justice Department let that one go but I can tell you one thing – it’s time to do away with their ability to not be sued and be able to do whatever they want; they should fall into the same category as a newspaper. They say they’re a private company and can do whatever they want with impunity. They are no more of a private company than General Motors. They are owned by stockholders and are publicly traded on the stock exchange. They are owned by all of us thousands of thousands of individuals. I don’t ever consider those private companies, and I understand corporations are considered the same as a person but not in this case.  I don’t agree with corporations being able to contribute to campaigns any more than I believe unions should either. Take those two out of play and we would have a much better playing field for the American Voters.

Let’s support the President in one thing – let’s stop the censorship by these Social Media giants.

But let’s also just let that both say and do what they want because like it or not lying doesn’t violate the First Amendment, otherwise we wouldn’t have hardly any politicians, and President Trump is definitely Not the liar in this case. Twitter will deserve to lose this one in court; they might win in an Obama appointed circuit court, but will lose on appeal to the Supreme court, I bet the Supreme Court will hear any such censorship case in order to right this wrong. The President has won 80% of the time in Supreme Court – I hope there is a lawsuit that goes to the Supreme Court because they will lose and justice will prevail!
On a closely related censorship topic – I believe that anyone who censors non-violent cartoons should be liable financially. Political cartoons are by definition “Unpolitically Correct” and their freedom of speech and expression should be protected at all costs. Even though there aren’t enough conservative cartoonists for me, I will defend any cartoonist’s right to freedom of expression with everything I can muster. We all laugh at them whether we agree with them or not. We are blessed in America with some of the best political cartoonists in the World and we should cherish them, for putting our real thoughts into illustrations. No censoring Political cartoonists, it is totally un-American.
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