Unpolitically Correct
Google & Facebook Are The REAL Profilers

It’s against the law for the government to racially profile us based on several factors including our appearance. This happens all the time from people being detained in the airport to a person being arrested for a crime they did not commit.

But now, as we play and chat on Google or Facebook a private company is profiling us. These companies are mining all of our information. They examine every detail from what race we are, to what our likes and dislikes are. They even gather information we are completely unaware of. And they do all of this in the name of “marketing’ their product.

But the “marketing” has now become profiling and it needs to stop. Why is profiling against the law for our government, but not for these private companies?

I don’t mind the NSA (National Security Agency) listening in on conversations trying to find those people making questionable calls. I have nothing to hide or worry about. I personally have no issue with these companies gathering this type of information. We can’t use companies like Google or Facebook without expecting our information to be stored somewhere.

What I DO mind is when one of these companies take this information I trusted them with and uses it against me. They give my personal information to other companies, so they can send or push on me things I may or may not want. It would be interesting to see if these private companies know more about us than our own government.

It’s against the law for the government to access this information without a warrant. Why is it okay for a private company to sell it off or give it to another individual or company for a profit? Especially when they are selling it to a politician.

What do you think about this?