Unpolitically Correct

Cartoon credit thanks to Michael P Ramirez

Based on what I’ve seen and read about this new legislation, if 25% of the money in the Infrastructure Bill ever makes it into the infrastructure system, it will be a big surprise to me.  They’re paying back their political commitments under the name of infrastructure.

Why don’t we just fix the streets, fix the potholes, fix the bridges with those first billions, and then talk about some other smart ways to spend the money?  We should not be building anything new.

Who will benefit most from this legislation?  Union labor!  Of course!   The unions have made sure of that, and they take care of their own first.  That means that most people will not qualify to work on these projects…unless they are union members. And their pensions will be made whole too.

It isn’t that our readers are against unions.  We’re just against what the Unions do sometimes to quash what’s best for most American workers.

“Infrastructure” is the new buzz word for mis-appropriating borrowed taxpayer money – again.

Cartoon credit thanks to Phil Hands, Tribune Content Agency

This bill is just ridiculous and, sadly, there’s not much anybody can do about it.  Being a Democrat, I’m embarrassed by this!   As a conservative Democrat, I don’t see where this legislation is going to do our country a whole lot of good.  Why can’t we spend our money wisely and do the right thing?

I hope the moderate Democrats are getting together with a game plan to put a stop to this madness over the next three years.  Otherwise, we are going to be in big financial trouble as a country because other countries are going to raise their interest rates, and our balance of payment is going to go to hell.  The dollar is absolutely going to go to hell if we don’t stop some of the things that they’re trying to do internationally with the currencies.

This transportation bill is no more of a transportation bill than the last bill they passed for employment and PPP.  Two-thirds of that money went elsewhere.

It’s unbelievable to me that we are bailing out all of these mismanaged cities in this bill as well.

Being a conservative democrat, I think we’re just throwing money away in areas that will have little or no impact on our economy or employment, instead creating huge problems in the future.  It’s just going to play right into the hands of the other party if we do that.

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