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Make Prescription Drugs Affordable For Everyone
Since it seems like we are never going to get an agreed-upon solution from our Congress, why don’t we just table DACA and focus on our healthcare and prescription drug system? While Obamacare had the noblest of intentions it’s just not working.   It’s not affordable. Its ineffectiveness has wound up penalizing everyone.

Our average American worker, who is not covered by their company’s insurance, is struggling. They can’t afford the cost of the premiums and especially the costs for prescriptions. When the dreaded day comes that they have to go to the hospital they cannot afford the emergency room bill, the ambulance bill, and any other bill that gets thrown at them or the large deductible. And they don’t pay it. Their credit gets ruined and a vicious cycle ensues. The goal is to encourage self-sufficiency and independence. Not to make things so unaffordable that it seems easier to just give up and join the welfare system.

While I think the government needs to stay out of the healthcare business, I do think they need to get involved in the prescription drug business in a positive way to start ensuring that non-generic prescriptions are affordable. Prescription drugs have gotten out of control. People just cannot afford the astronomical costs of them.   I thought the goal for all of the science and research that has created cures and treatments was to help people. It has become far too profit based by the pharmaceutical companies. America seems to be paying most of the bill for the research and development of drugs. That needs to change. There are so many pharmaceutical drugs out there that can be benefiting hundreds of thousands of people. And yet, they are not able to afford the access to them.   What is the point of all of this research to find cures if we are not allowing people to take them? Too many wallets are being padded and the American people are suffering from it.

Think about it. We have folks who cannot get the medication and treatment they so desperately need for cancer, mental health issues, etc. BUT we have an opioid epidemic in our country that has gotten out of control. It’s because the pharmaceutical companies are not monitored anymore.

This is where the government’s bureaucracy can actually help.   We need the pharmaceutical companies to have more regulations. They need to be put in check. They’ve taken advantage of the situation and it has to stop.   Let the government help them get back in line where they belong. Give the American people the access that they need. We shouldn’t have to pay any more than any other country has to pay for our drugs.

On the other hand, the government needs to get out of the healthcare side of things. They have over complicated it and it’s a mess.

What if we found a handful of the most successful business people in the US and put them in a think tank together to provide some well thought out solutions? I mean brilliant business minds, not politicians or lawyers. I know they could come up with an amazing solution that will benefit everyone.

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