Unpolitically Correct
The swamp is bigger and more corrupt than ever.

The Justice Department , the FBI,  and many other government agencies are more corrupt than ever, and not just at the top. 

I’m so scared that we are losing our rights to the socialist agenda, as a moderate Democrat I am ashamed of my party, and like many other Democrats am going to vote for anything but a Democrat, this has nothing to do with Trump, he’s not going to run again. We need to get our countries Law and order back. We are in danger of getting laws not enforced, putting the average citizen in grave danger.

I am a positive thinking person, that’s being challenged to think things are going to be OK .We know our children will not have a better life, there worse education and national debt will see to that We Democrats need to go to the polls and vote for the moderates, and conservatives, to get us safer. The corruption in the billionaires and social media, must be stopped. We need new leadership, to save our country, what do you think ?

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