Unpolitically Correct
Trump was more right than we thought

I’m not a Trumper I liked his political beliefs, but had trouble with the messenger. 

We are going to be in big trouble, if we don’t  get control of our boarder. With all these countries sending us there’s worst, Gangs,  Prisoners , (why wouldn’t the corrupt leaders of the World empty there prisons, and send there worst here, they hate Us as a country, but love Biden because of his ineptness, due to the people who control him , including the cartels.) which control the human, and drug traffickers. 

Biden is in partnership, not only with China, but the Cartels as well . We don’t call them  drug cartels anymore, as they have diversified into so many other corrupt areas, to include buying political influence they are by far the largest corporation in the World. They make more money from illegal immigration and human trafficking, than drugs, with no investment, thanks to this administration. 

We must stop this insanity. Democrats don’t change your party, but change your vote in the midterm, like we did in 2016, Like him or not we got the real change we needed ( it has nothing to do with Trump) He’s not going to run anyway. We have to save our country. Get out the vote!

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