Unpolitically Correct
We Need To Eat The Babies

This clip of AOC is hypocrisy at its greatest.



I have SO much I could say in response to this, but I’ll keep it simple.

AOC talks about how the wealthy families control Congress and the media.  Meaning that it is these wealthy families whose agendas are favored, and that if we don’t follow their path, we and President Trump are the wrong ones.

Well, I would have to agree (the first time I ever have with her).

It’s just too bad she’s got the facts backwards.  Actually, this is where the hypocrisy comes in.

She talks about Fox News, in a bad way.  Well, Ms. AOC if it wasn’t for Fox News and their investigative reporters and authors, we wouldn’t even get half the truth.  They are the only network that gives both sides of the story.

If it wasn’t for Fox News’ real investigators, you wouldn’t have known about the book Secret Empires written by Peter Schwiezer.

It is a great investigative reporting and researching book on political influencing and the selling of our democracy by all parties, Democrat and Republican, profiting them and their families for generations.

I have a feeling this book is where AOC gleaned some of her thoughtful insight.

So, who owns the media, and the politicians?

AOC I ask you this…who owns you? I think we all know who.

If this is the political face of our youth, God help us all…

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