Unpolitically Correct
This says it all

As a democrat I am only going to vote for people that can change this insanity. We need to get representatives that care about the poor ,the homeless, and yes us. Our leaders today only care about there agendas, and what the other idiot liberals think of them. We need to vote in every state possible against the liberal agenda, like we did in


The poor and the middle class are at least 10-20% worse of in just 18 months with this administrations energy policy, and these crazy politicians, they are so disconnected with the regular citizen, especially the poor, homeless, and middle class.

 Our Billionaires are making so much money they are becoming Democrats, they dont care about, taxes or the working class, as long as they get invited to the right parties, and can do business with China unrestricted, to help them conquer our country, because of there support, of destroying our democracy. Get out the vote to save our country.