Unpolitically Correct
Video Alert: Patriot Prayer vs. ANTIFA

To say that Patriot Prayer and ANTIFA go together as well as oil and water is an understatement. Try comparing the clash of the two groups to be more comparable to a tire fire. Once the two sides meet, it’s best to stand back and let it burn out.

On August 19, 2019, in Portland, Oregon UnPolitically Correct was witness to and by our video crew, saw a collection of different styles of protest. Mostly peaceful due to the fact that every single Portland, Multnomah and surrounding city Police Forces were in attendance to keep that peace, but there were still a few mishaps like the one we captured here.

What you are seeing is a bus full of people who associate with Patriot Prayer leaving our city after two other buses were trying to leave ,after partaking in their 1st Amendment right on that Saturday morning. As they attempted to leave the city the Patriot Prayer buses were attacked by a collection of masked ANTIFA members who proceeded to break windows, throw hammers, pepper spray the interior and even pull people from their “buses” . Is THIS really a workable solution to our differences? Is violence the answer to our problems?

Perhaps instead of taking actions to a militant state, we should all consider sitting down and hashing out our differences in a peaceful and calm manner.

“Start talking and don’t do something”