Unpolitically Correct
The Democratic Witch Hunt Is Like Watching the World’s Longest Version of Geraldo Opening Al Capone’s Vault

And again, the media and the far left’s hype has got us all in a frenzy.

All this talk about Trump and impeachment.  Sadly, I’ve been glued to the news waiting with bated breath to hear the conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President, Voldymyr Zelensky.  I don’t think our President has done anything warranting impeachment.

I have to say I did enjoy watching the President Trump and President Zelensky meeting.  I loved it when the Ukraine President said jokingly “It’s better to be on tv then on a call”.  It was clear that both were very comfortable with each other and that both are trying to end the corruption in Ukraine.  And the Swamp. A novel concept.

When are the Democrats going to stop the witch hunt and get some work done that actually benefits the American people?  We deserve better.  Can Congress please start working for us instead of against us?

The Democrats 2020 Vision

I think it’s ridiculous that they cannot present one single decent presidential nominee, so they have to focus on impeaching Trump.  They are just that desperate.  The sad thing is all they have to really do is produce a viable candidate.  But they can’t.

It’s just all so frustrating.  All the mudslinging.  All the wasted time.  All the wasted taxpayer’s money. As a Conservative Democrat I am embarrassed and I am angry with my party.

It really is a good thing that Trump has created such a great economy for us.  Lord knows that we the taxpayers couldn’t afford this political money pit otherwise.

Lars Larson summed it up perfectly…

This whole witch hunt is like watching the world’s longest version of Geraldo opening Al Capone’s vault.

When is the media and the far left going to finally let it go?