Unpolitically Correct
Be Careful What You Hope For

We are going to admit that the Democrats, did a good job in the end, to stopping a Red Tide . But they are now going to have to deal with the fallout and Pain that the American citizens are going to have to go through over the next few years.

They are saying that we could run very low on Diesel in the next few months causing, 

Major disruptions in shipping, and general transportation, causing supply and transportation issues. 

I believe that the Bidens handlers on energy policy, has caused most of all the issues around the world. $60- $120 barrel gas prices, allowed a bankrupt Russia to get strong enough to invade Ukraine, cause most of our inflation, and coming recession, 

One policy. 

The environmentalist are losing respect for just being lap dogs for him.

We need to clean up the  emissions, but why cut off the cleanest most efficient , fossil fuel  in the world, the US , and buy some off the dirtiest, from countries who don’t like us ?  We need to get the real polluters to stop, China And India, but they own our politicians, and we are going to have to be brave here, and figure out a way to get them, to change there priorities. 

If there is not a course reversal on our economy, and start doing the right thing, the 

Republicans are going to do much better in 2024 !