Unpolitically Correct
The Piggybank  and Government Trust

To citizens trust in many countries esp. in the US is so to corrupt and influenced by the unelected professional lifetime politicians. I don’t blame the party voters or membership, they are ignorant or don’t care.
It’s our unelected official leaders that are tuning our country, into hate and violence to obtain their goals. Power Money and do what it takes to stay in their unelected office office.
80% of all general American citizens are in agreement on most issues, which is “moderate, in general in how they want to live. We need to stand up and get our elected officials to replace our political unelected officials. This is where term limits are needed more than for politicians.
We need to just stand up and say what we think, respectfully, because and want to do the right thing . LIKE upoliticallycorrect.org stand for .