Unpolitically Correct
ONE DOWN TWO TO GO ??? 100,000 TO GO

One thing that these massive anti-Semitic protesters are doing is showing how the money of the rich people is being wasted. These college kids are so influenced by the interests of other countries, receiving money from our domestic anti-democracy billionaires.
To me, it shows how so much money cannot educate ignorant people. What I mean is their beliefs can be bought at the highest level of our education system. These individuals, about to be adults and our leaders, scare the hell out of me. They don’t know or care about what they are protesting, if they have any human compassion, or care about human life, homosexuality, and their freedoms.
Getting rid of a few presidents of these universities is not the answer. The solution is to expose and remove all the people who support such atrocities against the Constitution and human decency. Freedom of speech does not condone any kind of hate or violent speech.
We need to clean house on all these out-of-touch institutions upstream and downstream—the boards of each university, state university controllers and staff, who are silent, as well as all the teachers, school boards, major donors. They need to be outed, just like they do to others. Let’s target them!
According to many academics, Harvard has never been known to produce the smartest or the icons of moral authority in their graduates. That’s why only a few are quoted. But they have the best networking anywhere for like-minded rich and powerful wannabes who want to control us and want to start at the top without earning it.
The faculty of Harvard gives us a great argument for eliminating tenure. Can someone print the list of teachers who signed a letter supporting the president of Harvard? They all need to be fired, along with thousands more like-minded educators and unions.
I hope this wakes up America to all the corruption in our education system. I feel sorry for the millions of hardworking, underpaid teachers who want to do the right thing. We need to support them better (not the elites).
Let’s all look at the real facts; we might learn how ignorant we are, not the narrative.